About Us

The general business community of Bangladesh and many other countries has fallen behind to adoption of technology, and thus has been incurring additional costs of business. Unless the businessmen quickly implement modern systems, they will gradually become uncompetitive and phase out from existing business.

Amar Bebsha provides simple Business Software or can be called as a simplified ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that is intended to make the day to day business extremely efficient, reduce costs and give outstanding performance.

The core team of Amar Bebsha comprised of some amazing talents, and a mixture of the young and experienced made the blending just perfect! The aim of the team is to deliver maximum value to the customers and in process be a part of their business success. It is our commitment to deliver the best business solutions to our valued customers by understanding the needs of their business and finding out the bottlenecks.

Amar Bebsha introduces easily interpreted business management software, which would handle all the accounts, inventory, sales, purchase, HR and many other functions of a business house. This software is getting made to transform the manual language of business houses to digital words. Everything will be recorded on real time, and an easily functioning and understandable software will make the life easy for entrepreneurs running small to medium scaled business.

We understand that Distributors, Dealers/Retailers, Small & Medium scaled enterprises have unique needs. They require cost-effective solutions that can be up and running quickly and the solution can continue to meet their needs as the business grows. We are particularly focused in meeting their demand.

Customized solutions are available for large corporates.

Amarbebsha believes in minimizing the effort for the businessmen while maximizing the value of services delivered.